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SH. Rahul Yadav


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Dear Parents and Students,

 I extend my hearty greetings to you and offer my blessings.

In today's highly competitive and demanding society you have to tread the path with judiciously well-set goals; and I am sure, the time tested attributes of self-discipline, diligence and punctuality will take you to your cherished heights. it is to be emphasized that there is no substitute to hard work. truly, hard work is key to success. if you develop an attitude to treat your studies as pleasurable activities, there won't be any place for stress and strain and you will wear a joyful countenance even amidst very hard work.

Time management is the need of the hour. Timely and regularly doing the assignments, abiding by the school rules, taking interest in all school activities-both academic and co-curricular, maintaining right food habits and healthy routine are essential to take care of your mind, body and soul. your learned teachers are always ready to guide you in your individual requirement, and emotional well-being.

I wish to see you an ideal citizen with well-developed personality anutured with moral values. I wish & hope that parents will help the school authorities to achieve the target and goal set by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

Wish you again a very rewarding year ahead.