Tender Notice

 Tender Notifications


There is no tender at now.


Registration of Suppliers

1.   With a view to establishing reliable sources for procurement of goods commonly required for procuring unit, the purchasing unit will prepare and maintain item-wise lists of eligible and capable suppliers in the locality/city. Such approved suppliers will be known as ‘Registered Suppliers’ with the approval of Chairman, VMC. Such registered suppliers are prima facie eligible for consideration for procurement of goods through limited tender enquiry. They are also ordinarily exempt from furnishing bid security along with their bids.


a.   Credentials, manufacturing, capability, quality control system, past performance, after sales-service, financial background, proof of registration of IT/TAN/VAT etc. of suppliers should be carefully verified before registration.

b.   Documents Required at the time of Registration:

                                                            i.      Letter Head

                                                         ii.      Copy of PAN No.

                                                      iii.      Copy of TIN No. /Service TAX No.

                                                                                  (Original will be cheeked at the time of registration)

3.   The suppliers will be registered for a fixed period of one year. At the end of the period, the registered suppliers willing to continue with registration are to apply afresh for renewal of registration. New suppliers may also be considered for registration at any time, provided they fulfill all the required conditions.

4.   Performance and conduct of every registered supplier should be monitored. The registered suppliers are liable to be removed from the list of approved suppliers if they fail to abide by the terms and conditions of registration or fail to supply the goods on time or supply sub standard goods or make any false declaration to the KVS or its constituent unit or for any ground which is the opinion of the purchase authority is not in public interest.